A Shamelessly Derivative Name; A New Idea in Course Delivery


This blog is an experiment in teaching brand management. The primary intention in launching this site is to:

  • provide a place to put material that can’t be covered in course assignments and class meetings due to time constraints;
  • be a forum for continued discussion and interaction among all course participants.

I am calling it The Campaign for Real Branding as a tongue-in-cheek reference to Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty.” Like that campaign, this blog was “created to provoke discussion and encourage debate” (1) and hopes to expose, rather than deny, the “wrinkles” associated with brands and brand management. 

This is not a course where I lecture and you listen (well, not predominantly anyway). It’s a course of candid conversations and reasoned debates, of active thinking and applied analysis. There will be theory, but there will also be practice.

Welcome to BrandLand. 

(1) http://www.dove.us/social-mission/campaign-for-real-beauty.aspx



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