History and the Heinz Ketchup Bottle

As we think about brand elements this week, you may be interested in this brief history of the Heinz ketchup bottle…apparently, using a clear bottle was a radical means of demonstrating the product’s purity at a time when most ketchup was “putrid” and contained “injurious ingredients” that could “lead to death.”


Heinz bottle


One thought on “History and the Heinz Ketchup Bottle

  1. Mark Mayhew

    Wow, I never thought something that seems so simple like ketchup could have such a rich background of information. I have wondered before why ketchup was in a clear bottle, but never really thought there was a good answer behind it. After all, it is nothing particularly appetizing to look at.

    I do believe, however, that clear bottles play a role in buying behaviours (or at least they do for me). I enjoy seeing the the food I am buying as it provides that “freshness” factor. A good example for me is with the Simply Orange juice containers. The clear Simply Orange containers really showcase the juice in an appealing way and tempt me to buy it. Much like the Heinz ketchup bottles I have this image that they have nothing hide so I feel more comfortable buying it.

    (Also, I am not a fan of pulp and I usually forget to check when buying the Tropicana containers, so having the clear containers can quickly show me if I made the right or wrong decision.)


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