Broken-in Brands…

Another news item about a legacy brand trying (hoping) to stay current.

What do you think of Levis’ campaign, in which it updated vintage objects for today’s social media?

vintage Levis from the late 1800s.

vintage Levis from the late 1800s.



2 thoughts on “Broken-in Brands…

  1. Jeffrey Lei

    At first I thought the updated vintage objects were cool but really had nothing to do with the brand Levis. But then I looked into the #MakeYourMark project which is pretty interesting. Levis is trying to reach out to their consumers and are asking them four distinct questions “Who Are You?” “What Moves You?” “What’s Your Approach?” “What’s Your Dream?”; these are to be answered either on twitter, instagram or soundcloud. They also tell a story on the site, answering the 4 questions themselves, talking about their origins, their passions, their methods and their destinations. I guess Levis is trying to either reinstate their brand values to their consumers or reinventing their brand and trying to re-position themselves a little bit to be more hip & cool, making themselves seem more unique because thats kind of what I felt when looking through the site. Check it out here..

    1. blaineaberdeen

      Thanks for that link Jeff, I completely agree with you.
      From this article posted I did not get much out of this campaign but I did think it was a cool idea. When looking into it on their website I was really surprised at how modern and hip the website seemed – definitely caught my eye. While looking into “What Moves You?” I saw a picture of some really delicious-looking dip clicked the link to Instagram and began exploring! There are tons of cool music videos and some awesome photography shots. Overall I think this campaign is actually very cool and effective! It shows their vintage routes through the old camera, video camera and the guitar (which kids/histpers are really into!) in a new accessible way on social media websites that these same people are constantly on.


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