From France, a wonderfully dark, short (~15 min) animated film. It tells the story of a rogue Ronald McDonald (!) who is chased by police in a world composed entirely of 2,500 brand logos.  I often show it in the brand class, but we don’t have time this term. However, I encourage you to watch it if you’ve never seen it before. You will be surprised how many brands you recognize; how the film plays with brand associations and meanings, and how, while certainly cynical, the commercial world it depicts is arguably only slightly hyperbolic. Released in 2009, this won an Academy Award for best animated short film in 2010.



3 thoughts on “Logorama

  1. rachelnakamoto

    I really enjoyed watching this short animated film because it is very creative and entertaining to watch. The scenes at the zoo were the most memorable as I enjoyed how they used animal logos such as Lacoste’s crocodile, MGM’s lion,and the World Wildlife Fund’s panda as part of the animal exhibits. I also loved how creative the animators were in placing logos such as having a trail being shaped as Sony Vaio and the milky way being composed of many Hyundai logos. Throughout the film, it felt like I was playing a game as I was trying to identify as many logos as I could but overall the film made me realize the impacts of brand recognition as many of the logos I could not identify. It shows how crucial brand identification and salience is.

  2. Ryan Fernandes

    I thought the movie was really funny and ironic. I thought that it was showing that our world is being bombarded by brands and it is forming how our culture is and what we feel is important in life. When all of the brands were destroyed it seemed like there was a kind of peace and a new world like the story of noah’s ark. I also thought it was interesting that most of the brands were competitive with each other, even if they were the same product (pringles). Lastly, many of the traditional associations we have with these brands we see all the time were challenged like Ronald as a villain.

  3. deborahlamm

    I really enjoyed that film – it showcases everything that we are learning in our marketing courses this year. It also exemplifies and stresses that it is important to be different and communicate this difference in order to stand out among the masses.


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