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A Hotel Brand That Throws Pet Owners a Bone

Indigo Hotels, a sub-brand of the parent Intercontinental Hotel Group, is touting itself as a “Pet Friendly Hotel.”

It’s certainly a point of difference, but does it discourage those who are not keen on having Sparky and Fluffy around and (potentially) making noise in the early morning hours?

Is there a segment large enough to make this an attractive brand feature? What’s the cost to cater to canines?

What do you think?

cropped dog at hotel


In Honour of Halloween…

Canada’s Arbutus Distillery asked its creative agency to create a name,  brand personality, and package design for its Coven Vodka. Watch what happens when the lights go out….mwahahaha

coven vodka

Virgin America Makes Safety Sexy

What does Virgin America’s dance video say about its brand personality, and what does it do for brand associations, feelings, loyalty?  Will passengers be more likely to listen to the safety instructions? (and even if they are, will they remember them, or the singing and dancing?)

…and do you think the actual flight attendants get asked to dance?

(Courtesy of your classmate Jeffrey Lei – thanks, Jeffrey!)

virgin safetyvirgin-america-logo-1

A Dragon’s Den…for Under Armour

New products are one of the most important ways to keep a brand fresh. For the last few years, high performance sportswear manufacturer Under Armour has been sourcing its latest ideas from inventors and fans…and the winner of this year’s competition is pretty cool.

Watch the video here:

under armour logo

Communicating Justice.

BBDO Toronto office has launched a campaign in Kenya to promote awareness of a new court ruling that rape cases must be investigated by police.

It’s not traditional branding, but it is a powerful, integrated campaign. More here:

One part of BBDO Toronto's integrated campaign for justice for girls in Kenya.

One part of BBDO Toronto’s integrated campaign for justice for girls in Kenya.

Apple as fashion brand?

The former CEO of British luxury brand, Burberry, is Apple’s new head of online and retail store experience. At least one commentator has suggested that this is part of a move to reframe Apple as a fashion and lifestyle brand more than a technology company. Is this idea interesting, given the buzz around smart watches and Google Glasses, or a complete strategic slip, misreading Apple’s consumers?