What Hyundai knows about impression management that the US government doesn’t.

As the American lawmakers hurdled accusations across party lines about who knew what the average American really wanted from them, Hyundai took the opportunity to “walk the talk” (or in this case, maybe “drive the engine”). The car company is allowing Hyundai owners furloughed (laid off) by the government shutdown to defer their car payments for 90 days.

How do you think a move like this will be perceived by consumers? Is it a sign of corporate sympathy, or a manipulative public relations stunt?


Hyundai Drive your way


2 thoughts on “What Hyundai knows about impression management that the US government doesn’t.

  1. Mark Mayhew

    BRAVO! This is a textbook PR stunt pulled off by Hyundai. I find it amazing how they continuously take big media news and use it to their advantage to showcase the “caring” side of the company. I believe this will definitely help boost Hyundai sales as they have seen in the past and attract customers into perceiving the brand as more personal and not just another big corporation. If you think about it, at the end of the 90 days, the small majority of people that are allowed to defer their payments will have to pay, but for some strange reason, it make us feel good inside.

  2. rachelnakamoto

    I think this move by Hyundai is seen as a manipulative public relation stunt. It looks like Hyundai is trying to get unnecessary publicity on a current event that seems to have no direct relation to them. This type of marketing is unique though as I have not heard of any company doing anything in response to the shutdown. I believe consumers are smart enough to know that Hyundai is just trying to get attention, which could negatively impact their brand.


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