Keep Walking…er, Watching

Do you think that an ad this long can maintain viewer engagement?

What does it do (or not do) for the brand?



3 thoughts on “Keep Walking…er, Watching

  1. rachelnakamoto

    Personally, I was engaged throughout the ad even though it was long. I think it is as a result of the actor, Robert Carlyle’s Scottish accent which I find really cool. I liked how throughout the monologue, they implement props that are timed perfectly with what he is saying. Also I like how he is walking down a path as it seems to signify the timeline and the path of Johnnie Walker. This ad benefits the brand as it definitely highlights the history and culture of Johnnie Walker that shows how important tradition is to them.

  2. Mark Mayhew

    I’m going to get straight to the point and say that this ad bored me! Within the first minute I was ready to close it because I felt as if it wasn’t talking or showing anything I really cared about. Sure, I guess it is a “cooler” way of going through the brand history and their values, but I think if anyone was actually interested in that they could simply look at Wikipedia. Since the ad wasn’t really utilizing the video aspect and merely just talking I feel as though reading an article myself (if I actually cared enough for the brand) would have served the same justice.

    I think longer ads today are not blatantly discussing the brand but showcasing it in a creative and engaging manner to entice the viewer to watch its entirety. I think Heineken did a really good job at this with their Departure Roulette game ( Although it doesn’t discuss the brand it shows it in a way for the viewers to perceive the brand.

  3. Aldijana Ponjevic

    I would have to agree with Mark, this commercial was far too long to be even the slightest bit effective. For products like this, where there is little involvement, it doesn’t add any value. In this case, I think it would have been more effective to quickly (one minute commercial) highlight the social (people enjoying the product, having a good time, etc.) aspect of this product. However, the idea behind it is good. Building a persona or giving a product character allows consumers to somewhat relate to it and helps to create brand salience.


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