Italian Coffeehouse, French Pastry Shop or…?

starbucks progress

A whimsical take on Starbucks’ evolving brand as imagined through its logos.

Starbucks is in the news again, this time for making even more acquisitions to move beyond coffee. They have been burned before (yes, in terms of their beans, but here I’m referring to real estate), building stores that lost money. Is this latest expansion a smart move that allows them to keep up with competitors like McCafe, or does it only dilute the brand, like cream and sugar dilute espresso?


2 thoughts on “Italian Coffeehouse, French Pastry Shop or…?

  1. Amaryllis Jones

    I think this is risqué territory for Starbucks. I think the best move they have made in Canada was the introduction of the True North blend which is a milder coffee that is a preference to many Canadian coffee drinkers. However, the introduction of Evolution Juices puts Starbucks against big players like Booster Juice and Jamba Juice who blend beverages right in front of you. Starbucks needs to emphasize and market the idea of cold-press juicing because I think many consumers may be unfamiliar with the technique. The problem for me is that I have the tendency to associate Starbucks with unhealthy cafe foods (their blended drinks are through the roof if you don’t request non-fat milk and no whipped cream) so introducing healthy “juices” causes some confusion…I think that the more product lines they introduce the more they will be diluting their brand from an up-scale cafe/coffee shop to a “snack-of-all-trades” bar. Starbucks sells the Naked brand of juices and I am curious to know how sales are for the beverage because this could possibly be an indicator of how buying behaviour would be for Evolution…do people who crave juice flock to Starbucks?!

  2. deborahlamm

    I think that this is potentially dangerous for Starbucks – sure, they’re extending but eventually Starbucks might become another Virgin where we don’t know what they’re about.


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