Even the Shelves Have Eyes…

Kraft Foods’ parent company, Mondelez, is developing shelves with facial recognition. The shelves will be able to assess gender and approximate age and respond by featuring specific products or promotions.

Mondelez says it’s important to them to see someone’s actual shopper behaviour (who stops, for how long) rather than a shopper’s identity, and therefore it will help the company focus its brand and product development while preserving privacy.

What do you think?




3 thoughts on “Even the Shelves Have Eyes…

  1. Amaryllis Jones

    I think this is an amazing milestone and step forward especially for Mondelez! The confectionery and cookie industry is tough to work with because people have various latent needs and functional needs when they seek out these goods. I find it fascinating and I am curious to know why types of products they would suggest for various age and gender segments. My only wonder is will this investment in technology be worth it? I think this can be really lucrative and influence the “shopping list” shoppers by suggesting special offers and promotions!

  2. Vinh Nguyen

    As much validity as I see in Amaryllis’s point that it is an amazing technology, I find this strategy intrusive and unattractive as a consumer. Whats to say that the sensors they implement predict accurate measures that determine our age and gender? We all come in different shapes and sizes. We all have different interests, hobbies and lifestyles. Making generalizations of people’s preferences in a society where consumers are so fragmented is incredibly risky. If they are to guess wrong, there could be significant ramifications; the brand could potentially lose its current customer base and the consumer perception of the brand can be tainted. I know for one, that if I saw a video that was completely irrelevant to me while I was staring at a shelf, I would probably have a negative association or “node” with that particular brand as I would deem that as “white noise”.

    What do you other people think? I would love to hear some other perspectives.


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