Apple as fashion brand?

The former CEO of British luxury brand, Burberry, is Apple’s new head of online and retail store experience. At least one commentator has suggested that this is part of a move to reframe Apple as a fashion and lifestyle brand more than a technology company. Is this idea interesting, given the buzz around smart watches and Google Glasses, or a complete strategic slip, misreading Apple’s consumers?


5 thoughts on “Apple as fashion brand?

  1. rachelnakamoto

    I think this idea is really interesting because I want to know what the CEO of Burberry, Angela Ahrendts will do with the Apple Brand. I read an article recently about her and how she helped to revitalize the Burberry brand when it was having trouble expanding globally. She incorporated technology in the brand which helped Burberry in connecting with their consumer. This can be seen in a recent fashion show, where iphones were used to film the show and stream it to users.

  2. obeverett

    I think it was a very interesting strategic move for Apple, and I am really curious to see what the outcome is. Both brands, Burberry and Apple, are similar in a way. They are both very distinct with their “packaging”, Burberry has the classic plaid design, and Apple has their sleek, white, simple design, which are both easily recognizable. In the article, Ahrendts said that the vision for Burberry was to create a unique retail experience in both physical and virtual stores, through content, music and engaging design. Therefore, I think Ahrendts’ vision will align well with the Apple retail stores, who strive for a similar goal.

  3. deborahlamm

    I think that by doing this Apple will align or position themselves as a “higher class” and more luxury item then it already is. I think this will add a brand tax and allow Apple to market their products at higher prices.

  4. raquelparedes

    I think this a very interesting move for Apple to make. Both brands are positioned as high quality brands in consumer’s minds, therefore they have the potential to work well together. It will be interesting to see if Apple is successful at tapping into the fashion market. I feel that they have a strong enough market presence to accomplish this and I think that hiring Burberry’s former CEO is a good move to start this transition.


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