“Slurp. Slurp. Gulp.”

7-11 is renovating its brand to appeal to: millenials (that’s you) and females (that’s half of you) with a healthier take on the stop-for-snack ritual.

Is it too late for a 43-year old brand, or does this refresh come too late?



4 thoughts on ““Slurp. Slurp. Gulp.”

  1. Rebecca Costa

    When first reading this, I thought that it was definitely too late to refresh the 7eleven brand. The first thing that will come to everyone’s mind when they think of 7eleven is your typical convenience store. After looking at the pictures of how this came to life, I can see how this would appeal to millenials looking for healthier alternatives. They way the store is organized and the colour choices create a more attractive and cleaner shopping experience. I think that it will be successful in attracting this new audience, the only issue might be continuing to appeal to its current consumers. They should continue to offer basic products you would expect to find at any convenience store in addition to these new, healthy alternatives and stay focused on what the brand known for (a quick snack or convenient item for people on-the-go). The design aspect (not the healthy part) reminded me of how McDonalds refreshed their locations to look more like cafes. This worked well, even for a brand that has been around for a long time.

  2. Ashley Fulton

    I think it will be tough for 7eleven to successfully reposition their brand to target millennial females. As stated, for over 43 years 7eleven has been thought of solely as the place to buy big gulps and fake cheese nachos. This image has a distinct position in the average consumers mind. I do believe the revitalization of the stores will help encourage consumers to think of 7eleven in a new way, but they must experience the stores first. The most difficult part will be to attract these millennial females looking for healthy food into the stores. Also with the amount of locations of 7elevens globally it will take time until all the stores are following this new brand position. I believe there is potential for successful repositioning but it will take time and 7eleven must stay consistent in order for this to occur.

  3. obeverett

    I think this was a great way to revitalize the 7eleven brand. Its great that all of the companies are really moving towards the health-conscious trend to better our society. When I think of 7eleven, I associate it with dirty, fattening and outdated. Therefore, this move will help re-position the convenience stores in the mind of the consumers as a more upscale place where they can purchase healthier alternatives, while still providing their main products like the Slurpees. The designs of the store look much cleaner and brighter, therefore I believe it will provide a much more positive experience for the customers.

  4. CharlotteWilson

    I think that the 7-11 revitalization is ‘okay,’ the new renovations definitely look great, very modern which usually catches most peoples eye when they see the change for the first time. In reality though I don’t feel like this change will actually have any stick with their target consumer. Personally it almost starts to look like a grocery store, so what is to stop someone from going to an actually grocery store. Yes, the healthy options are nice but it takes up a large portion of the store and I feel that typically people go to a connivence store for a quick treat or pick me up. It will definitely be interesting to see how much of the healthy product sells and if there are large profit increases due to the revitalization.


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