Communicating Justice.

BBDO Toronto office has launched a campaign in Kenya to promote awareness of a new court ruling that rape cases must be investigated by police.

It’s not traditional branding, but it is a powerful, integrated campaign. More here:

One part of BBDO Toronto's integrated campaign for justice for girls in Kenya.

One part of BBDO Toronto’s integrated campaign for justice for girls in Kenya.


6 thoughts on “Communicating Justice.

  1. Vicky Kulic

    Soooo that awkward moment when I posted this reply to the actual article instead of here, but oh well here it is again …

    This campaign has such a powerful message, just the simple idea to place a slash in nowhere carries so many unspoken connotations. The fact that advertising companies such as BBDO Toronto are undertaking projects such as these pro-bono really reinforces the shift in marketing from a purely profit focused function to one that encompasses the community. It ties back the readings in our course pack which talked about how today’s marketing communications are concerned with adding value to the consumer rather than just forcing their way into our lives, even if indirectly. Regardless of marketing though this campaign is much needed and amazing and should be supported.

    1. blaineaberdeen

      I love this huge billboard – it definitely makes a statement in the small, slum like town that is shown in this picture. This billboard stands out; it is big, has bright colours and is in a very visible area. I agree with Vicky; the slash through the word “nowhere” really shows how maybe before there was no justice but that is no longer the case. This sign shows that something is being done and that people will serve justice for committing crimes. The fact that BBDO did this pro-bono for 160GirlsProject shows that the company actually cares for society which gives them some free PR / helps them build a good reputation around their advertising agency.

  2. Ashley Fulton

    I think this campaign is so powerful because it’s different from the majority of advertisements we are constantly bombarded with daily. Seeing this billboard will cause people to take a second look and engage people to understand what the billboard is for/about. When promoting this project it appears most effective and almost necessary to do something bold. Also changing the billboard when the marathon event began integrates the two worlds and companies together, showing both are dedicated to ensure this billboard is stating the truth.

  3. leevivianly

    From the simple design, the colours, to the witty slash through the word “nowhere” – this billboard is purely brilliant and makes a bold statement that catches the eyes of any by-passers. The simplicity of the design emphasizes the compelling meaning behind the message of justice not being served before, but it is “now here” to make an impact. And I really praise the fact that advertising agencies like BDDO Toronto are undertaking compassionate projects like these to show their support and stance against social issues that the world needs to acknowledge! I definitely support this cause as well!

  4. Beatrice Shang

    Again, bringing sensory into play on this billboard, colours really help emphasize the meaning of the message. For example, BBDO uses black and white to emphasize the forgotten-ness and sorrowfulness aspect of this issue, and to shed light onto this reality, it uses a bright fuchsia colour to emphasize the change it will bring to this issue. Not only is it eye-catching but the slash made (no w/here) once again helps emphasize the change that could and needs to happen. In addition, the fact that this campaign was purely done on a pro-bono basis, and really helps emphasize the change in marketing nowadays. This billboard is an excellent example of effective marketing communications to emphasize the shift from interruption to engagement.

  5. raquelparedes

    I really like this campaign as well. I completely agree that this is an excellent example of the shift from interruption marketing to engagement. I think that the design of the billboard captures the goal of the campaign by being simple and really focusing on the content and importance of the message. I believe that the slash between the now/here does a good job of showing to all people the positive change that has come to victims with the implementation of this new law. This campaign is very inspirational and well done.


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