In Honour of Halloween…

Canada’s Arbutus Distillery asked its creative agency to create a name,  brand personality, and package design for its Coven Vodka. Watch what happens when the lights go out….mwahahaha

coven vodka


5 thoughts on “In Honour of Halloween…

  1. raquelparedes

    The Arbutus Distillery was very creative with the choice of the bottle design and name. The brand elements are all well aligned and result in an interesting brand personality that is different than other vodka brands. However, the majority of these brands elements are only visible in the dark, in the daylight–when customers are purchasing these bottles–Coven looks very similar to other brands. As it is a relatively new brand with low customer awareness, I’m unsure if this will work as an advantage. Customers may not see any advantage in purchasing this vodka and may continue to buy the brand that they are used to.

  2. rachelnakamoto

    The product design is very creative and unique but I also agree with Raquel that this may not be seen as an advantage. However, where Arbutus Distillery chooses to advertise the product will significant for consumers to see it. Personally, I think it would be a good idea to advertise the vodka at nightclubs or bars as they are places which are dark hence consumers will be able to see the creative design.

  3. Stephanie Sadaka

    The product design is extremely creative, and although I do agree with Raquel that it is not seen in the day light, I do think it does work to their advantage for this season. People usually take Halloween very seriously when it comes to decorating. If you were to host a Halloween house party, and see a bottle of vodka that is decorated (the lid with blood dripping), you would be more inclined to purchase it in order to fit with the theme. Although it does look cool when it glows in the dark, it is still nicely decorated for daylight. I also agree with Rachel that it would be a great idea to advertise this in bars or clubs. It is typically darker in bars/clubs, so customers would be able to notice the glow in the dark feature, and it might influence their purchase decision next time they go buy a bottle of vodka around Halloween time. Not many Vodka companies promote bottles for Halloween, which gives Arbutus Distillery a competitive advantage for the Halloween season.

  4. obeverett

    I think it was a really cool idea to design the bottle the way they did. When I’m at the LCBO I often walk down the aisles and look for bottles with cool designs that catch my attention, so I would definitely buy something like this. Its also strategic that they have the glow and the dark feature because consumers have to buy it and take it home to witness it. However this will only work if consumers are aware of the brand and its glow and the dark feature, through advertisements. Otherwise, people will just see it as a white bottle. I’m sure a lot of people would buy it as a novelty item / party piece too!
    The agency did a great job through the use of brand elements to evoke the idea of a “spirit world”! I definitely has a spooky feel to it.

  5. leevivianly

    The creative agency did a brilliant job integrating various brand elements into the design as it is certainly very eye-catching and unique. I can imagine consumers walking down the aisle and diverting their full attention to the Coven Vodka bottle due to the glow-in-the-dark and eerie nature of the design. However, like some of my peers mentioned in the posts above, the full usage of the brand elements are limited as they can only be seen in the dark. In broad daylight, the bottle just looks like your typical vodka bottle. In this sense, being a new brand with low brand awareness, the bottle design may be captivating due to its visual appeal, but it certainly does not evoke the proper brand message for consumers to associate themselves with the Coven Vodka brand. Also, the spooky brand personality shown through the bottle design might wrongfully position the Coven Vodka line as a seasonal product – a drink that consumers will only think of buying for Halloween, but not on other occasions. Therefore, it may be difficult for the Coven Vodka brand to resonate with consumers, especially as a “go-to” alcoholic drink.


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