Virgin America Makes Safety Sexy

What does Virgin America’s dance video say about its brand personality, and what does it do for brand associations, feelings, loyalty?  Will passengers be more likely to listen to the safety instructions? (and even if they are, will they remember them, or the singing and dancing?)

…and do you think the actual flight attendants get asked to dance?

(Courtesy of your classmate Jeffrey Lei – thanks, Jeffrey!)

virgin safetyvirgin-america-logo-1


4 thoughts on “Virgin America Makes Safety Sexy

  1. raquelparedes

    Virgins America’s dance video makes me think that the brand personality is fun and youthful and different than any airline that I’ve been on. Consumer’s may associate the airline with other youthful virgin products. This dance video is fun and original and appears to be in line with the Virgin America Airline (pictures of it show darker purple lighting and white leather seats). I think that when shown to customers it will serve to capture their attention much better than the usual flat and monotone voice that is used by most airlines to explain instructions for the flight. Whether or not the instructions will remain in customers minds is a different story. I do think that customers will be paying more attention to the dance moves and characters than the actual instructions.
    As for the flight attendants dancing… I think that that would be hilarious and would make long flights much more entertaining.

  2. Clarisse

    Like Raquel, I think that customers will definitively pay more attention to the security instructions. Personally, I never listen to instructions in plane and with this video I’ll probably listen to it, so it’s a good improvement in that sense.

    Also, this video reflects the idea of “flight can be fun”. So, I think the brand is about entertainment, fun and “style” and this video reflects it well. Customers that like the brand personality will probably be more loyal to Virgin after seeing this video because it’s consistent with the brand image and it makes sense.

  3. Masha Bobyleva

    I think this instructional video by Virgin America is great. I couldn’t stop watching it and I’m not even on an airplane. They have converted something so basic and boring into something very attractive, fun and unique. I guess that everyone who has seen the video will remember it every time they’ll fly, even if the company they are flying with is not Virgin America. It is a smart way to associate something as routine as a flight safety demonstration with the Virgin brand. As we can see in the comments on YouTube most of the people loved it. This strategy makes Virgin more hip and trendy, and definitely distinguishes the company from its competitors.

    I think that this video is a good way to start any flight. It will distract people who don’t want to fly or are afraid of flying, and make the flight experience of every passenger more pleasant. People will remember the video and will talk about it.

    However, I don’t really think that this advertising tool will make people more loyal to the company, or at least it’s not enough.

    The video will attract the attention of passengers, but I’m not sure that they will take these instructions very seriously. They will probably just enjoy the video and will forget what it was about. I think this video is a little bit useless as a safety instruction manual. If a plane crashed I don’t think that people would remember what they had to do, because the main features that will stay in the minds of passengers are the dancers and singers.

  4. obeverett

    I have been on quite a few airplanes and I always find the instructions SO boring – especially when you have to listen to the same speech every time. I think implementing something like this is awesome- really create and fun! I agree with Marsha, people will be more likely to pay attention, and it reaches people who aren’t on the plane (as shown by the 6.5M views on Youtube). Its such a simple way to put a smile on their customers face and start their trip off right. I’m sure a lot of people share their experience with their friends too! I’ve never travelled on Virgin America, but from this video the associations I get are fun, playful, and humorous. In order to really make people loyal to the brand I think they need to be fully committed to these associations and make sure they actually portray this through the customer service people receive inflight – not just in the video.


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