Man Law Lite


Your classmate Aneil reminded me of this 2007 Miller Lite campaign, featuring the “men of the square table,” all celebrities famous for their uber-masculinity, debating and codifying the unwritten rules of being a real man. Can your wife store anything but Miller Lite in the garage fridge? Is the “high-five” dead? Is it unhygienic for your buddy to stick his finger in your beer bottle to carry it back from the bar? Critical questions, all.

What do you think: does the campaign convince you that “real men drink Lite”?



One thought on “Man Law Lite

  1. Lilliane dos Santos

    The commercial did not convince me that “real men drink Lite” because there is no set of traits that define a “real” man and it is open to interpretation. The way I see the Miller Lite brand is that it is targeted towards men who are healthy conscious and want to enjoy a beer with great taste and less calories. I would not categorize men who want a low calorie beer as “real” men but simply as “health conscious and athletic” men. The commercial therefore puts limitation on the brand’s meaning and does not make a connection with its desired target market. Also, trying to get men to drink the brand so that they feel like a “real” man does not effectively differentiate itself since men drinking other brands of beer are not going to think of themselves as any less of a man for not drinking Miller Lite since beer is already associated with being popular among men.


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