An interesting experiment in which a creative agency is asked to raise broccoli’s cool factor.



3 thoughts on “Branding….Broccoli?

  1. unifoodi

    This reminded me of the “miracle food” broccoli campaign which ran in 2010 ( There were many versions of these ads, and I remember seeing them often. This campaign was effective in my opinion because I remember specifically buying broccoli at that time and thinking back to the ad and how it quoted that broccoli had 12 essential vitamins. I’m also a consumer who enjoys broccoli so this campaign acted as a reminder for me. I think there are many others like me who don’t mind eating broccoli but often forget about it when other “super” vegetables such as kale are always being promoted. With this in mind, I believe the campaign for branding broccoli could be successful.

  2. CharlotteWilson

    I found the fundamentals of the campaign very interesting as I think especially for age groups under thirty it would definitely help to change peoples mindsets. Since the health kick is such a big trend right now, but I think they need to look more carefully at how they could actually use broccoli in recipes not just how you can cook it. Since Kale on its own is not super tasty, for example they have shown ways people can use kale in healthy recipes like juicing it and adding it with other ingredients or even kale chips a healthy alternative to a junk food. If there were more examples like this and advertisements with products such as juicers or in food magazines or advertisements using co-branding with a cool and interesting celeb that incorporates it into there diet without making it a big deal would be great as well.


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