Jus’ Sayin’.

In case you weren’t convinced that watching the informational interviewCampaign for Reel Branding episodes = Step #1 in getting the job of your dreams, here’s an excerpt from an article in Fast Company magazine about the benefits of informational interviews.*

When we talked to Bob Pozen last year, the former financial heavyweight, current Harvard Business School lecturer, and recent author of Extreme Productivity said that when you’re on the job hunt (or planning for your career in general), the best way to get to know if you want to work in a field (without the full-on commitment of starting a job) is to simply talk to the people who do it.

Learn the parts that rock, the parts that suck, and the parts that are surprising. People love to read “what I wish I would have known when I was 22” blog posts; informational interviews allow you to pull that refracted reflectiveness out of the professionals that you have a job-crush on.

Additionally, you can ask these successful folks what skills they wish they had right now: like, say, a fluency in data or programming or visualization. Then we can look for gigs that let us grow those skill sets or not give a damn and and learn in-demand skills on our own time.

So, if you’re interested in a career in marketing or brand management, do think of some good questions for our next guest, Erin Grosberg, Marketing Manager at The Hershey Company. She, like our previous guests, can help you figure out what kind of position (or company) might be right for you.

*for the record, I’m also a fan of more traditional informational interviews.

The original article is here: http://www.fastcompany.com/3021045/leadership-now/why-the-informational-interview-is-your-best-job-hunting-secret-weapon?partner=newsletter


One thought on “Jus’ Sayin’.

  1. Rachel MacDonald

    I really enjoy that there are posts and class discussions with experienced professionals regarding our futures and how to go about finding a job. I think this article excerpt has useful advice. I found myself getting overwhelmed in the job searching process this year–not really knowing what types of jobs would suit my interests or where exactly to look. I think stepping back and talking to people who are in these positions is a really good strategy for students looking for entry-level positions. Even tonight, Erin brought a new perspective to brand management for me by saying a lot of it focused on finance. This has caused me to sit back and really think about what type of job in marketing I am looking for and where I can best apply my skills–as finance is not something I excel at. I will definitely be trying to pick people’s brains more about their jobs and what they entail as I continue my job search.


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