Do Rob Ford’s Actions Weaken Toronto’s Brand?

That’s the claim in a headline from a CBC report out today. The report cites two professors’ perspectives, one saying Ford’s actions will impact the brand negatively, the other asserting that it won’t, Even the head of Interbrand’s Canadian office weighs in. What do you think?



6 thoughts on “Do Rob Ford’s Actions Weaken Toronto’s Brand?

  1. deborahlamm

    I’m not entirely sure of how it will affect the brand negatively or positively (most likely negatively) but it has for sure put Toronto’s name on the map. The Toronto name is more aware across the news however, hopefully it won’t cause Toronto-based businesses to suffer.

  2. rachelnakamoto

    I agree with Deborah that Toronto is more well known now but it bothers me how Rob Ford’s actions have become associated with Toronto. I am mostly bothered on how he handled the situation. From the beginning, he proclaimed his innocence until the police found the tape and then apologizes for his actions. This shows a lack of judgment and makes people distrust him. It also takes attention away from important issues happening in the world.

  3. leevivianly

    Since Toronto is an internationally-recognized city, I believe that the allegations and recent actions of Rob Ford does have a direct negative impact on the city’s reputation and branding. As the mayor of Toronto, he is considered to be a spokesperson for the city and any associations tied to him definitely has a direct impact on the associations made with Toronto. From the lack of credibility fuelled by his actions and the negative connotations of his private life, I would say that Toronto is a victim to all this negative exposure. All this negativity surrounding Rob Ford definitely does not put the city of Toronto in a positive light.

  4. Mark Patey

    I agree with Rachel. Although, Rob Ford is in many ways the spokesperson of Toronto, as the city mayor I am most disheartened by him withholding the information at first, only to admit to his actions months later after continual denial. The way the entire ordeal has been handled is ridiculous, and frankly extremely unprofessional of Mr. Ford. For this reason, I believe that Rob Ford’s brand has definitely taken a toll from all of this negative publicity, and a large part due to the fact that he has lost the trust of the citizens of Toronto. As the mayor, it is not only your job to save the city money, and carry out day to day responsibilities, but you must also be a public figure that people respect, and trust.

    I also agree that the negative publicity Rob Ford is experiencing is negatively effecting Toronto’s brand, and although increasing exposure, it is in many ways making TO the laughing stock of the world.

    At the end of the day, everyone is human. We all make mistakes, even public figures. I’m not suggesting that the actions partaken by Rob Ford are not wrong, I’m only saying that if he were to be truthful, and come clean about the allegations made against him at the beginning then I think he may have been able to salvage his image, and eventually gain back the respect of citizens. However, the immature manner in which he is dealing with the situation, and his reluctance to step down for the sake of the city is extremely unprofessional and it is not only damaging the Rob Ford brand, but also negatively effecting the city, province, and even the country’s brand in relation.

  5. Tweety Lai

    I guess it will negatively affect the Toronto’s brand as much although Toronto is actually a victim of Rob Ford’s actions. As a spokeperson, Rob Ford’s loss of credibility will change how others view the city, and most likely lead to distrust of the city as a whole.


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