Is Toyota Getting Edgier?

Toyota may be shaking up its all-quality-not-so-much-fun brand image. The car maker is investing in research into humanoid robots and their use of voice and face recognition to transform the driving experience. Once all about monitoring and control, if Toyota gets its way, driving may become more empathy-oriented, with car instruments reading our emotional states. 

How would you feel about that?

Concept for a mood-sensing vehicle.

Concept for a mood-sensing vehicle.




2 thoughts on “Is Toyota Getting Edgier?

  1. rachelnakamoto

    The look of the vehicle is very appealing and I would be interested in testing it out. I think it is a very cool concept Toyota is investing in but I am not sure if having a car controlled by emotional states is safe. Emotions usually affect our judgment and I am curious what would happen if we get mad or angry.

  2. Beatrice Shang

    I think Toyota has come up with a really cool concept and the whole notion of AI being incorporated into products in the market nowadays seems to suggest that AI itself will become another aspect that can attract consumers. This may seem farfetched, but I feel like other than the 5 sensory, being able to read emotion and or our thoughts will become another thing consumers will pay attention to. Though I do see some flaws with Toyota’s technology, such as reading the driver’s emotions wrong, there has been many other successful consumer products with AI integration. Though I wasn’t able to try it, over the past summer, I’ve seen toys that could be controlled with your brain (when wearing a piece of headgear) on shelves. I’ve also seen products online, such as the Muse which allows you to control your mobile device mentally by wearing a piece of headgear.

    Muse Headband –


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