ExFEARiential Marketing?

exfeariential ads_Toronto agency

Toronto agency John St. shows just how far it will go to make its clients’ brands memorable.

The reel is making a joke about how exaggerated experiential marketing has become (think The Day the Whopper Was Discontinued ads I showed you for Burger King), but the agency does stage events and stunts that garner attention for its clients.



To see pieces of the agency’s real portfolio, visit their website: http://www.johnst.com/


3 thoughts on “ExFEARiential Marketing?

  1. Rachel MacDonald

    There is no doubt that ExFeariential marketing would be deemed as effective. There are times in which fear has caused me to never forget the details and events of a situation–which is exactly what you want from consumers. I can see a company’s reasoning behind stunts that evoke fear. However, Hirsch shows how some companies, like Nivea and LG, are taking experiential marketing a bit too far and I agree with him. Some companies are pushing the boundaries a bit too much. Although none of the spoofs created by John St. agency are direct re-enactments of previous marketing acts, they do mimic them, and I think that a lot of these marketing tactics would have a negative affect on a company. For example, the time a mother lost their baby in a park to two strangers–which was a spoof that John St. made–is not a time that will evoke positive feelings, and these negative feelings may be later projected onto that certain brand. Companies need to be careful in just how far the take experiential marketing and be aware of the associations they may evoke.

  2. rachelnakamoto

    ExFeariential marketing is an effective tactic as it forces consumers to remember it by exploiting their vulnerabilities such as fear and trauma. There is a fine line on what products to use ExFeariential and who to target it to as well as the extent of how scary it should be.

  3. Masha Bobyleva

    I like the idea a lot but as it has been said already companies should be very careful with ExFEARiential Marketing.

    I think that companies should decide its preferences, what is most important for them: create awareness assuming the risk of a negative association of the brand or lose possible awareness but without any risk. I my opinion if the campaign doesn’t cross the line (like the one where they steal babies) then the exfeariential marketing worth the risk. I liked the LG commercial, I think it attracts people’s attention and makes them share the video. It creates great awareness of the brand, and of its quality and stay in the mind of the public.


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