More emotion…this time from Skype.

Maybe it’s the early hour that the sun goes down. Maybe it’s knowing that the term will end all too soon…sniff, sniff….ahem…but we at the Campaign for Real Branding and several of your classmates have been feeling the immense Power of Brand Communications. 

Get your Kleenex (TM) for this one: two girls, best friends, have never met, because one lives in the Midwest US and one is in New Zealand. They have bonded over Skype for 8 years because they share a disability. Don’t you think It’s time to get them together?

Welcome to the latest installment of Skype’s Stay Together Campaign.

skype stay together campaign


8 thoughts on “More emotion…this time from Skype.

  1. Mark Patey

    Can’t think of a better possible campaign Skype could have done. Touching, and really shows the power that Skype has to bring people together, from anywhere in the world. This campaign could be very successful and I am sure there are many other heart warming stories of how Skype has brought people together on a global scale.

  2. Masha Bobyleva

    I agree with Mark. Connecting the brand to storytelling is a very good idea and Skype has a lot of opportunities in this area. I liked that even though the story is about Skype they don’t talk about the brand a lot and the logo doesn’t appear everywhere. We don’t feel like Skype is trying to sell us its product. We would, however, still know what the video is about and at the end we think of how important Skype can be in people’s lives. I guess that after the video the company’s customers thought about their own Skype story or moment. We can even see in the comments how people start sharing their experiences and stories. I think that this ad will make customers more loyal, because it’s emotional and creates positive feelings.

  3. Laurine Abraham

    I also think this is a wonderful way to promote the power of Skype and how it can bring people together. As Masha said, we only see the brand name at the end of the video and I feel more as if Skype is telling us a beautiful story rather than just selling its application.
    However, the fact that they have chosen teenagers with disabilities bothers me.
    For me, even if this is not the message, it could mean that people with disabilities can not have friends without disabilities in the “real life” and this emphasizes their integration difficulties into society. They might think that Skype uses their handicap for commercial purposes and I don’t like this idea.

  4. Amy

    That was an amazing campaign. I feel this campaign utilizes the same emotional touch compared to the campaign for real beauty that Dove has done, and we talked about in class. They have touched individual through emotion, and makes consumers realize how powerful skype can be and how life changing it is. It positively outlines all of the brand elements that skype has and showcases how this platform can connect anyone anywhere. It was definitely a very moving and powerful campaign strategy skype has done.

  5. leevivianly

    This campaign was truly a brilliant idea as it displayed the power of Skype’s value proposition – connecting people no matter where they are in the world. The emotional element of the video made the campaign even more captivating and relatable as it reminded me of the times I would use Skype to communicate with my best friend when we’re separated by distance. Watching this video also reinforces why Skype resonates with me because I use it exactly for the purpose that this video emphasizes – keeping in touch with loved ones no matter the distance between us. Skype can gain further exposure for this campaign by possibly launching a contest for participants to submit an entry on how they use Skype and how it’s significant to their lives. These entries can tie in with the example shown above and become a series of stories for their “Stay Together” campaign to emphasize the effectiveness and usefulness of Skype as a communication tool.

  6. rachelnakamoto

    I really liked this commercial as it seems very genuine and touching. Skype reminds us, the consumers about creating a memorable moment in our lives. This campaign message can be targeted to a wide range of people. I hope they will have more instalments to the “Stay Together” campaign in the future.

  7. Tweety Lai

    Very touching, and stimulates emotions. I like this campaign and it really shows the way how Skype can tie people all around the world together. It reinforces what the brand can provide to its users. The storytelling method definitely differentiates the campaign and brings more interest to the consumers. I think Skype can continue on this storytelling approach and collects more stories of users and how they treasure their love ones and keep in touch using Skype.


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