Jingle b_lls.

UPDATE: analysts question the Jingle ad’s (officially called “Show your Joe”) effectiveness:


Oh my. First, Kmart got all cheeky (such a good pun!) with its “Ship my pants” ad:


Kmart ship my pants

Now it’s jingling its, er, bells in ways that might, conceivably, bring other images to mind.

Kmart jingle balls


(Thanks to your classmate Akram for bringing this ad to my attention. It’s true! I didn’t even know about it. Really. I swear.)

Sears used to have a campaign which invited a lapsed market segment, women, to come and experience “the softer side of Sears.” (Men were shopping at Sears for tools and automotive parts, but women were ignoring the fashion and other soft goods).

What do you think of “the cheeky side of Kmart”? What does Kmart have to do to make it work?


5 thoughts on “Jingle b_lls.

  1. obeverett

    I think this ad is hilarious! I’ve seen the “Ship my pants” ad before but not this one. Kmart isn’t a brand that really resonates with me, but seeing these cheeky ads definitely makes me more fond of them & Joe Boxers. Having memorable ads like these will get people talking about Kmart and increase WOM. Hopefully people will see the sense of humour in it and not get offended!

  2. deborahlamm

    Hahahaha this is hilarious. I agree with Olivia, it’s a way to get people talking about KMart (and kinda reminding them about the brand), definitely a great way to increase WOM.

  3. Allison

    I love this ad. My sister showed it to me earlier this semester and my whole family is now obsessed with it. I think it is such a good idea to get people talking about it. I know personally I have told multiple people about the ad and continue to watch it. Makes the brand rememberable.

  4. raquelparedes

    This ad is so funny! Like Allison, I really enjoyed the “Ship My Pants” ad and this one is perfect for the holiday season. This time of year there are so many christmas advertisements that I think consumers almost start ignoring them and tuning them out– who really wants to see Christmas ads at the beginning of November… But this cheeky spin on Jingle Bells will definitely get consumers talking, laughing, and talking to their friends about it.

  5. Rachel MacDonald

    Like Olivia mentioned above, Kmart isn’t a brand that I have resonance with, as I rarely go there. However, when my sister showed me the “Ship My Pants” commercial, it made me laugh out loud and I went on to show my friends. I think that Kmart making these “cheeky” commercials is extremely strategic. They are going to get people talking and increase their word of mouth just through creative and humorous commercials. I think that it is good that Kmart has come out with another ad that is equally as funny, it leaves viewers wondering what they will do next and will ensure that they look out for the next ad.


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