Please. Don’t. Move. Too. Fast.



Makes you trust Volvo, doesn’t it?


4 thoughts on “Please. Don’t. Move. Too. Fast.

  1. Emily Fulford

    Bad timing…Rob Ford parodies have been popping up. Now people just associate the parody rather than Volvo with the commercial.

  2. Rachel MacDonald

    I think that despite the parody with Rob Ford, this commercial is still pretty powerful. All of the aspects of the commercial–the scenery, the colors, the composure of Van Damme–instill a sense of trust and strength that will carry over to Volvo’s brand. I think that it is memorable and the fact that the only thing you have to focus on is Van Damme and the two Volvo trucks will increase viewers’ brand recall.

  3. Mark Patey

    hahaha at the parody of Rob Ford. They just won’t stop!

    As Rachel mentioned I definitely think this is a great commercial, and do not feel the Rob Ford parody will prohibit the commercial’s message from reaching consumers. The stunt really makes you step back and be ‘wowed’ by the elegance and symmetry of the act. The scenery of the commercial definitely helps the consumer realize the beauty behind engineering and innovation, and brings forth the ideal that ‘humanity can achieve anything’. The connection between Van Damme and Volvo’s engineering is strong, I know I personally felt the connection and feel that this commercial is very powerful. The ad will help facilitate, in the consumers mind, a deeper level of trust with the brand, and ultimately create brand resonance. A job well done!

  4. Masha Bobyleva

    I’m totally agree with Rachel and Mark. The music, light and colors of the video are great. There is nothing that can distract the attention of the public.

    But I also think that may be the flexibility of Jean-Claude Van Damme draw more attention then the stability and precision of Volvo Dynamic Steering. So creation of different “Live Tests” is a smart solution to this. We can find Live tests about a hamster driving a truck, the one made in (my beloved) Spain where we can see how a truck is followed by bulls at very narrow streets of a small Spanish town, one about ballerina stunt and another one about the truck going over a person. All these make people not only talk about the main characters of the videos, but talk about Volvo as a brand and of course about the quality of its trucks.

    Here are another Live Tests:


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