The hardest working hamster in show business.

volvo hamster

Okay, so Rob Ford’s head being photoshopped onto Jean-Claude Van Damme’s body has (somewhat) overshadowed the original ad in terms of memorability for Volvo. However, it’s only one in a series of videos that show off Volvo’s engineering by executing otherwise crazy stunts.

Here, a hamster (yes, a hamster) drives a truck up a dangerous, winding mountain road.



One thought on “The hardest working hamster in show business.

  1. Mark Patey

    This is really cool, and an interesting way for Volvo to show off the “dynamic steering” in a Volvo truck. The one thing that does confuse me was the setting of the ad as Volvo is known as a safety-oriented vehicle, with high functionality. I’m not sure if they are trying to revitalize their brand with the dangerous setting of the ad, and the rock falling off the cliff, or just really trying to emphasize the engineering behind the steering wheel. Either way the campaign is certainly memorable, and it will be interesting to see the other stunts they come out with. The campaign at first seems inconsistent with their perceived brand image, however maybe that’s the purpose of the campaign, and maybe we should be thinking of a Volvo differently!


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