It’s Time for Brand Integration! Sponsored by …

We haven’t talked a lot about brand integration (aka product placement) this term, but the practice of inserting branded products and services into other media is as ubiquitous as it is cheesy (hmmm, I wonder what brand of soft drink those American Idol judges prefer?”)

american idol coke

That’s why it’s somewhat refreshing to find Scott Aukerman and Reggie Watts of Comedy Bang Bang having fun with their inevitable role as comedians who are also marketers.

Does being upfront about “brand integration” make it easier to take? If you were the brand manager paying for sponsorship, would you be okay with being spoofed?


2 thoughts on “It’s Time for Brand Integration! Sponsored by …

  1. Vicky Kulic

    Maybe I sounds like a geek, but personally my favourite game to play while watching TV is guess that product placement, although usually those who I’m watching it with don’t like it quite as much. I also notice that most people don’t actually pick up on it, so I do think that it can still be quite useful for a company to incorporate their product into popular TV shows or new movie releases. The approach used in this article is quite entertaining and could be effective, depending on the brand which is being used. I feel that a brand which allows this kind of promotion develops new associations, it says we are fun, fresh, and have a sense of humour because we don’t take ourselves too seriously. But I do not think it is effective for all brands because the joke could be seen as attaching negative connotations to the brand, and actually making fun of it, deterring customers from purchasing the product. It’s very important for a brand manager considering this to consider their consumer, would they appreciate the joke or watch a show like this. As long as the brand image and the context match it could be very effective.

  2. charizardwilson

    I agree that people don’t pick up on it as often anymore, because it is something that we are becoming so used since it is used so commonly now. So I think that when you place a huge coca cola cup in front of each judge you are asking to be noticed but at the same time its not natural at all. I also feel like companies need to prepare themselves to be made fun of for product placements, some are so over the top you’re asking for it. That being said depending on what is being said you are just getting more publicity which is what they are aiming for to begin with. I think that if product placement was done with more of a comic approach it would still be accepted as long as it wasn’t negatively publicizing it by putting down features and such.


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