Brand Fans

If you love a brand, you want to celebrate it year-'round, right?

If you love a brand, you want to celebrate it year-’round, right?

Perhaps when the semester started you doubted the importance of brands in your life, but I hope over the course of the term you’ve become more convinced.

Here, just one more small piece of evidence that when consumers love a brand, they will put time and effort into the relationship: seasonal android logos, just because. If you click on the link to see more, there’s also a link within that post for a whole line up of more than 35 Halloween-costumed Androids.



5 thoughts on “Brand Fans

  1. obeverett

    These are so cute! Even thought I am an Apple user, this makes me like the Android brand even more. Helps give the brand some personality and make it something to talk about!

  2. blaineaberdeen

    All of these designs are very cool. Just wondering… did Android fans make these on their own accord or were they asked to do so by Android? I really liked all of the Christmas ones as it is slowly approaching that time of year but the Halloween Droids were also super cute. Android should consider using these designs in advertising methods during the appropriate seasons. I would love to see some santa-droids around this holiday season!

  3. Rachel MacDonald

    Like Blaine mentioned, I think that Android should consider asking the fans who made these designs to use them in their ads for different seasons. I think that this would allow fans to see that the relationship is two-way and that Android is paying attention to what their community is doing!

  4. Mark Mayhew

    Wow, that person has some serious talent and time on their hands! I think it would be cool if someone (Android) were to use the characters and work with the creator to make an animated story. It could definitely help consumers in the CBBE pyramid.

  5. Masha Bobyleva

    Android can be proud of its consumers. They are real fans of the brand. I think that creating a contest of the most original logo would be a good idea for the company. It will incite more fans to do that and will create even more engagement with the brand.

    Also knowing how important the brand is for some customers Android should create a community where people can talk about their experience. It will not only strengthen the relationship with the brand but will also let Android to have a feedback from users and know what its customers are thinking about it.


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