Fresh emotional branding + clever execution = Cool.


Via your classmate Akram, a wonderful example of a brand delivering delight. British Airways has found a way to remind consumers of the wonder of flying by introducing them to kids watching (British Airways) planes in “real time.” Take a look at the video and read the description of the execution here:

Almost makes you forgot about the 3-1-1 liquid rule while you take your shoes off and remove your laptop from its sleeve, doesn’t it?


7 thoughts on “Fresh emotional branding + clever execution = Cool.

  1. obeverett

    I think this is a really cool innovative idea! Its amazing that they have the technology to produce a real time ad as the planes fly above the billboard, that in itself produces a real wow factor for me. I also think it shows a really great message. I know when I travel now, I find flying and going to the airport such a hassle, and I really can’t wait to just get to my destination. Seems like they want to bring back the feelings of excitement that we had when we were a kid when we saw planes, and promote a feeling of adventure and thrill by being on / seeing the plane.

  2. raquelparedes

    This is so cool! I think it is such a good idea, and like said above brings back the wonder that kids feel when they see planes. This ad will undoubtedly remind people of how far we have come with flying and instill a new sense of appreciation in air travel. Very interesting technology too.

  3. Allison

    I agree with the comments above. This is a very cool idea. It’s unique and brings life into their ads. I will be curious to see what other company’s adopt this or a similar idea. The kid is also super cute!

  4. Rachel MacDonald

    As said above, this ad is very innovative. The fact that it is digital almost guarantees that people will pay attention to it–the additional factor that it is real-time is an added bonus. Incorporating children as the main focus of the ad reminds us of the pure amazement of flying–as we tend to forget how far technology has come. Airlines are hard to differentiate, but having this interactive ad will definitely aid in consumer recall for British Airways.

  5. Tweety Lai

    This is such an innovative idea for billboards! It will defintely catch consumers’ eyes and create brand awareness for British Airways. It will also create new brand association: excitement. I wonder how it will actually work. One drawback is that the billboard may be confusing if the tracking system misses the flight.

  6. rachelnakamoto

    This billboard is so unique and cool. I like how British Airway reminds consumers about how amazing flying is as a majority of consumers today forget the positive aspects of it. Due to news events associate with flying, many consumers are more concerned about terrorism and safety. I remember watching this interview with the comedian Louis CK where he talked about how todays society complains about the insufficient things on flights like wifi. He said that people forget that they are sitting on a metal object that is soaring in the air and how cool that is.

  7. Mark Mayhew

    Agreeing with everyone one – this is a really innovative ad! However, I don’t know if it is just me, but I feel as though this can get quite dangerous when driving. I can just imagine myself driving then getting distracted by the ad, then looking to try and find the plane.


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