Kate Spade’s CMO on communicating the brand

Even if you’re not a Kate Spade fan, this short presentation is a fascinating peek behind the retail curtain. The company’s Chief Marketing Officer reveals key elements included in the retail space, website, blog and special events, all with the intent of communicating a voice and point of view.


Kate Spade


5 thoughts on “Kate Spade’s CMO on communicating the brand

  1. Rachel MacDonald

    Hearing the CMO talk about the brand really puts into perspective the kind of image Kate Spade is trying to convey to consumers. I can definitely say that going into one of their stores does make you feel as though you are in kind of a trendy apartment, with bright colors and eccentric patterns mixed with comfortable seating. I think that their store designs really convey youth and fun and this is exactly the market that they are targeting. I did not know that they were based online more. It was interesting to see all of the things that they offered online. I think that the DIY aspect of their website is a nice touch–as like the CMO says, it really encompasses the personality of the individuals that Kate Spade targets.

  2. raquelparedes

    The brand seems to be very good at communicating a unique offering and experience across all mediums of their business. Glimpses into their stores grabbed my interest (I’ve never actually been into a store), but they seem like they would be very fun to walk around in. Having this trendy set up and window displays really help to communicate the brand personality of Kate Spade.

  3. Tweety Lai

    I am a super fan of Kate Spade. The store design caught my attention when I was walking around at Yorkdale. The colors, the settings of chairs and couches do make you feel like being in a friend’s trendy apartment and thereby creating an experience for the consumers. In terms of the online website, I personally don’t know much about it but the blog seems to create interest as there are posts about the lastest fashion styles, collaborations and DIYs. Will definitely check it out!

  4. rachelnakamoto

    It is really interesting to hear Kate Spade’s CMO talk about the marketing strategy at Kate Spade. She emphasizes the consumers experience and its importance to the company. She also talked about concepts that we learned at school and its value to Kate Spade. I also like how consistent the company stores are and its uniqueness that distinguishes the business within the fashion industry. This is a company that I would like to work for and learn more about.

  5. Allison

    I found it very interesting to hear CMO talk about the brand in such depth and interest. They seem to have a very clear idea of what Kate Spade is and how they are going to comunicate it to others. I likes how the CMO made a point to touch upon certain aspects that they have at every store and every party such as the zebra print or red drinks in order to communicate its similarity across different cities and stores. As I have never seen a Kate Spade store, the pictures they did show were very capturing and I was interested right away in what experiences I would be able to have if I were to go to one of their stores. I also enjoyed their online component with the blog as a way to engage consumers (especially the DIY component).


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