Made you look.








From an art project exploring unexpected brand extensions.

When you saw this photo, what was your very first reaction? What does that say about branding?

M7M bullets


One thought on “Made you look.

  1. Lilliane dos Santos

    When I saw the Lipton cigarette package, I could picture cigarette smokers purchasing it. For the reason that Lipton is a leading tea brand that produces high quality tasting tea, I assumed it would be capable of producing cigarettes that are better tasting and more natural (containing less harmful chemicals) than competitive cigarette brands. However, I realized that it would damage its relationship with its current loyal customers since producing cigarettes, which are known to cause cancer and other serious health problems, would contradict its reputation for encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, my first reaction shows that the power of a well-known and trusted brand is so strong and the faith it creates is so real that it leads people to believe that if that brand is behind stretching itself into a different industry with a particular product that it is capable in doing so. However, despite the credibility that strong brands hold such as Lipton, there are boundaries that should be put in place with regards to stretching the brand. In setting boundaries, brand managers should encourage brand extension that is consistent with its brand values since otherwise the brand will lose its credibility. If trusted brands attempt to span everything to the point of producing products that communicate messages to consumers that contradict each other, consumers will lose sight of what the brand stands for and thereby damaging the brand’s reputation which is extremely difficult to recover.


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