The Day Burger King Bought its FB Fans a Big Mac

Burger King (Norway) made a risky bet that some of its Facebook fans weren’t really fans and offered them an edgy way out. What do you make of this loaded (and not with pickles) tactic?


2 thoughts on “The Day Burger King Bought its FB Fans a Big Mac

  1. obeverett

    I think its an interesting technique that they used. After all, its not about the quantity of followers that you have, its the quality of followers you have. You want to make sure that you are reaching the right people. The one thing that I’m unsure about is that they incited people to leave with a free big Mac. To me that seems like they are pretty much handing those fans over to their competitors. I’m sure they also did lose a lot of fans who liked Burger King, but weren’t complete die hard fans. But I guess that is what they wanted!

    1. Lilliane dos Santos

      I think the tactic used by Burger King was clever as it increased brand engagement and made loyal fans of Burger King feel more valued. Burger King displayed its appreciation for its loyal fan base as it invested time and resources into finding out what to talk about and how to engage its fans. In addition, Burger King developed a clearer image and improved its self-brand connection with its loyal fans since cutting off ties with people who only liked the brand for its freebies led Burger King to identify itself with being bold, encouraging its loyal fans to differentiate themselves and express individuality. Therefore, the stunt enabled Burger King to have its brand resonate within the minds of its loyal customers since by engaging with other fans on the FB group makes fans think about what Burger King means to them.


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