Is Coke on coke?

The New York Times reported to day that a recent ad campaign for Diet Coke has been cancelled and replaced because it was being mocked in social media. According to the article:

The abrupt end for “You’re on” comes after the ads were sent up by several advertising and marketing bloggers who noticed that in some ads the theme appeared above the Diet Coke logo so that it could be read as “You’re on Diet Coke.” (In other ads, the order was reversed: “Diet Coke You’re on.”) According to the bloggers, “You’re on Diet Coke” evoked a cocaine habit along with the history of Diet Coke’s sibling, Coca-Cola, which once included cocaine as an ingredient. 

Meanwhile, the manager in charge of the campaign claimed that it was not a failure, but that the brand had decided to highlight different aspects of the product:

Asked why the campaign was concluding so suddenly if it was not a flop, [a company spokeswoman] said that the new ads offered “a different way to talk about the brand” that will “resonate with our core loyal followers…As for the drug-related criticism, “iconic brands always create a conversation,” Ms. Kronauge said. “We felt it was mostly limited to the marketing community.”

What do you think: should Diet Coke have withdrawn the ads because they were being questioned or mocked? Why or why not? 

You're on Coke


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