Here’s to putting the OH! in COKE

Aw, Coke, you can be so innovative when you want to be!
cocacola old bottle


Your classmates Frances and Alissa have shared two cool campaigns by Coke involving really clever innovations.

The first is involves giving Coke bottles a second life:

The other takes place before consumption:

What’s interesting about both of these is that they don’t appear to be company-wide initiatives; one is from Coke’s sustainability group and the other is an initiative in Columbia.

What do you think of them? What might Coke do to spread not just happiness, but innovation in more places?


3 thoughts on “Here’s to putting the OH! in COKE

  1. waterloowithlove

    If I were to make a guess about why these initiatives weren’t released across several regions — I’d say it’s because those caps (twist caps, or multi-purpose caps) are very expensive to produce, and would result in a negative ROI if they actually made them available to consumers. The twist campaign commercial drew in over 4 million views in less than a week, which might ‘hint’ that it was more of a viral “visual” campaign push, instead of an actual product launch announcement.

    I do think it’s an amazing campaign though, and thought they were genius ideas. To spread innovation, Coke could probably try and start more of a conversation with their consumers through these viral campaigns. Ask them (us) something! Get us engaged 🙂

    ~N Seah

  2. Yvonne Jin

    I agree with N Seah, that it seems to be a viral “visual” campaign push. I have noticed Coke has been creating many of these viral campaigns (ex: Denmark’s Flag I believe these caps are very creative and innovative, especially since they are being reused in a completely different way. I think a way for Coke to spread innovation is to invite consumers to come up with ideas; listening to the consumers. Coke has many consumers all around the world that live in different environments that require different needs. For example, people that live miles away from a water hole needs to transport water on their heads, what if a consumer realized that Coke used recycled bottles to make huge water jugs and used 4 bottles as wheels. This would help people transport water with less physical labour. Coke would not only be spreading happiness, but innovation.

    Also, on a side note, I read that China’s Ogilvy & Mather teamed up with Coke to do this campaign. Which, we have read about in the additional readings: Cluster. Ogilvy & Mather is an agency started by David Ogilvy! What a consequence!


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