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When Vainglorious Founders F* Up Their Brand


In the news: stories about two Canadian founders who believed they were above reproach and found themselves ousted from power.

American Apparel’s Dov Charney, dismissed for misconduct:

…and Dennis J. “Chip” Wilson, who inferred that Lululemon’s yoga pants were only sheer on women too big to wear them, is now brokering the company’s sale to the owner of the Vans and North Face brands:

Can a brand successfully emerge from the damaging antics of its founder?

Wilson (L) and Charney (R).



Google Satellite makes the sky the limit for branding

Neiman Marcus,  (American sister to Canada’s Holt Renfrew), recently branded its rooftop so that people searching for it in satellite view would find the store more readily.

What else might be branded in view of consumers’ “new view”?


Nice Co-Branding Example

A Chance to Win Free Gas for 50 Years

The race is on for a chance to win free gas for 50 years.

The race is on for a chance to win free gas for 50 years!

Between June 17 – Sept. 1, 2014 every swipe of your Petro-Points™ card or CIBC Petro-Points™ MasterCard® at any participating Petro-Canada location is a chance to win free gas for 50 years, just like the winners of The Amazing Race Canada!

Swipe your card every time you fill-up, purchase convenience store items or get a car wash – the more you swipe, the more chances you’ll have to win!

Just need to check this…..what?!?


Via your classmate Neera, comes this fascinating public service announcement from VW. The brand ran an experiential, emotional campaign to demonstrate the dangers of texting while driving. As Neera notes,

“Throughout the commercial, you don’t know who the car maker is. They only show the VW logo at the very end. There is no indication that the car was or was not a VW model, or that VW cars are safer than others. But, by using a PSA along with the industry knowledge that VW is known for safety, the commercial really reinforces the brand image.”

Do you agree, or is the brand’s presence too subtle?