A Grande Idea?

Starbucks has an interesting take on the food truck phenomenon/frenzy: A Frap Truck.


Does this initiative fit with the Starbucks brand? Why or why not?



One thought on “A Grande Idea?

  1. Alissa Liotti

    When I think of the Starbucks brand, the thought of young, hip, and colourful images do not readily come to mind. As a Starbucks consumer, the brand is profitable and relied upon for its upscale stigma, premium-priced beverages, and relaxing atmosphere filled with the scent of fresh coffee. Brand loyalists pay for the classic Starbucks experience. When the only “children’s” beverage on the menu is a small hot chocolate, it seems as if the brand is stretching too far to reach a younger audience by mobilizing itself. In fact, does the brand even need to reach a younger audience when that is not who its value proposition is intended to serve?

    Although hearing the bells of an ice cream truck or tracking the Oscar Mayer weinermobile as a child did evoke excitement and a surge to convince my parents to lend me money, the same feeling does not reside with the Starbucks brand. Even if the colourful, enticing Frap Truck marketing efforts do financially well, it does not seem plausible that those consumers will become brand loyalists once they recall what stepping foot into a real Starbucks coffeehouse is like – much less fun and bubbly.


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