Just need to check this…..what?!?


Via your classmate Neera, comes this fascinating public service announcement from VW. The brand ran an experiential, emotional campaign to demonstrate the dangers of texting while driving. As Neera notes,

“Throughout the commercial, you don’t know who the car maker is. They only show the VW logo at the very end. There is no indication that the car was or was not a VW model, or that VW cars are safer than others. But, by using a PSA along with the industry knowledge that VW is known for safety, the commercial really reinforces the brand image.”

Do you agree, or is the brand’s presence too subtle?



3 thoughts on “Just need to check this…..what?!?

  1. henrylau85

    I saw this a few days ago and wanted to post as well..I believe the message was a bit too subtle. Initially I thought that PSA was created to ‘shock’ the audience and tell the message of not texting and driving, which they did a great job. Only after a sometime to think about who and why VW sponsored the PSA, did it click that the PSA message was about ‘safety’ and VW mantra too is about safety. The associations took a while for me at least, to click.

  2. Yvonne J

    In a way, I did not link together VW as safety. Maybe it is because I do not know the industry as well, however I did see VW in a more positive way. After viewing this campaign, I thought of VW as a company that cared about drivers on the road and wanted to inform people about the dangers of texting and driving in general and not so much about communicating their brand. What I took away from this is that I now viewed VW as a company that cares about road safety and not necessary how safe their cars are. Maybe I’m viewing this in the hopes that companies will one day do it out of the kindness of their hearts and genuinely caring about consumers without a underlying plan to just make profits.

  3. Tina Zhang

    I think this ad will raise general awareness of safety issues. I doubt that a lot of people will remember the logo (VW) after the shock, they will only remember the feeling of being shocked. Basically, this ad will increase the awareness of the entire market about vehicle safety, rather than the awareness of the brand alone.


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