Our Home and Branded Land

Interesting piece on Canada’s changing retail brand landscape:

http://www.brandchannel.com/home/post/2014/05/30/140530-Canadian-Retail-Challenges.aspxTim Hortons


2 thoughts on “Our Home and Branded Land

  1. Nicole Seah

    Really interesting read on the struggles some companies have been having in adapt to the Canadian market — trying to earn a spot in the hearts of Canadian consumers. Reminded me of a related article I read recently on how consumers are no longer loyal to just one brand, and brand loyalty is greatly being challenged in Canada. There was an attribution to Tim Hortons, and the way they were able to engage with consumers by tapping into trusted influencers, and the authenticity of their voice, first and foremost.

  2. Tu Thanh Nguyen

    This is definitely a good read. In my opinion, US retailers have problems entering and expanding in Canada because their strategy in Canada is not consistent with their brand image and identity. For example, Target, a popular US discount retailers, receives complaints from Canadians because their products are significantly higher in Canada compared to the US. Additionally, US Target stores an impressive variety of products while the number of product choices in Canada Target stores is very small. These wrong strategic moves are negatively affect Target’s brand equity. On the other hand, Canadian brands are having problems entering the US market because of their low brand recognition and intense competition in the US. Americans are patriotic and they will use a local brand unless the foreign brand can offer a superior benefit. Tim Hortons has almost no brand recognition in the US, and its products do not offer any benefits compared to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. That is why Tim Hortons is struggling to expand to the US.


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