Google Satellite makes the sky the limit for branding

Neiman Marcus,  (American sister to Canada’s Holt Renfrew), recently branded its rooftop so that people searching for it in satellite view would find the store more readily.

What else might be branded in view of consumers’ “new view”?



2 thoughts on “Google Satellite makes the sky the limit for branding

  1. Nicole Seah

    All I could think of when reading the article was the whole concept of “breaking through the clutter” that we learned in class. Taking marketing efforts to new perspectives… literally! Maybe in the future, when we look out the windows of planes as we ascend, we’ll be seeing a landscape of advertisements made just for the ariel point of view!

  2. Alissa Liotti

    This truly is an innovative idea, but I feel that if there is more positive publicity about this technique, inevitably more stores and buildings will do the same. Could it be possible for marketers to advertise on the headrest TVs of airplanes to notify consumers when to look down for their brand? Or could competitors buy the air rights above certain buildings to forbid such an advertisement?
    It would be very interesting to see if this idea sparks further interest in retailers – it provides an opportunity to reach consumers in an unexpected way,


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