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Speaking of Fast Food…Burger King Shows Its Pride

proud whopper

Burger King celebrated Pride Week with a “Proud Whopper.” Does this feel like an authentic gesture?

Perhaps its an initiative BK’s young new CEO launched? popular




Rebranding the Basics


McDonald’s has announced a rebrand–and it won’t involve a new logo or positioning. It’s about getting back to basics: creating better value, service and menu items.

What do you think: can McDonald’s become more Chipotle-esque? Or is it just not part of the brand’s meaning for most consumers?


Bringing the Double Double to a Payment Option

What Canadian doesn’t have at least a little love for Tim’s? We might forgive the onslaught of new products–hot kettle chips! frozen lemonade! strawberry shortcake muffins!)…but how do we feel about a credit card on the menu at the drive thru?

Your classmate Yvonne pointed me to this, and she noted the buttons on the card that allow you to toggle between using the card as a Visa or a loyalty card… Has anyone gotten one of these yet? Is 1% cash back enough of a value proposition?

double double Tims card

These Guys Make Innocent Drinks Seem Solemn

black milk logo

Via your classmate Neera: BlackMilk. Neera’s ordered some swimsuits from the cheeky Australian company, and it sounds like a fun experience. I know – online shopping as a fun experience? But seriously. Here’s Neera’s description:

They specialize in funky prints and themed attire, such as an entire line of swimsuits that feature Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Harry Potter and comic book pictures. They are definitely a novelty item and not at all cheap, but they have managed to create an entire community of followers (who they call “Sharkies”) and maintain a funny, playful demeanour in everything they do. They encourage Sharkies (buyers) to “nom” (buy) their clothes and “be total badasses” (by taking pictures and posting them to their Facebook page). Most, if not all, of their PR is generated by people proudly displaying their purchase and showing it off to the world through social media.
They sign all of their Facebook posts with their individual names, write as if they are speaking to you directly and in a friendly manner, and are always trying to make you laugh. It makes me believe that this whole company is a group of friends just sewing together a handful of pieces and then sending it out to people they know. In actuality they are wildly popular, (selling out new releases within days/hours of announcement) and ship their products all over the world.
I bought two swimsuits this morning. This is the email I received and I thought it was hilarious and so in line with what BM is. (Note the “Internet hugs” at the bottom)
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Black Milk Clothing <>
Date: Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 10:10 AM
Subject: You bought something!

You bought something!

Congratulations Neera, you bought something! That really says something about you. It says you have style, and taste, and an internet connection. These are all good things.

Now, I know you’re super keen to get your gear. I don’t blame you, it’s awesome gear and you’re going to look fantastic in it. But I have to let you know, we just had a huge release – a Museum release, which is pretty much the most insane release we can have (think limited, discontinued gear that everyone is trying to grab at once…yeah…).

It gets a little crazy after release day, kind of like a cross between Groundhog Day and Jurassic Park. The pile of parcels we need to pack is swiftly reaching t-rex-like proportions, and every time we think we’d taken a chunk out of it we turn around and more appear! This means your gear might take a little while longer than usual to reach you. Don’t worry though – we’re armed with caffeine, optimism, and large tasers so we’ll get your order packed and shipped off to you as soon as we can.

To communicate the insanity, and help you pass a bit of time before you start obsessively waiting for the mailman, we’ve put together an exciting, rollicking, action-packed choose-your-own-adventure story! It’s like those old Goosebumps books, only this story didn’t mysteriously appear on the shelves of every single school library in poor condition. …Or did it?


The day has arrived – release day! It’s your favourite day, the day when you get to order yourself some shiny new gear. Which you do, you ninja like a pro. In fact, you ninja so fast that it’s only a couple of hours later that you get the coveted email letting you know your gear is packed and ready to go. Lucky you! Even luckier, you live just down the road from Black Milk HQ and plan to drop by and pick up your order.

So you pull on your favourite piece, your radddest shoes, and head on down to BMHQ. When you arrive…something is not quite right.

For starters, the roof of BMHQ has apparently caved in and there’s a dragon the size of a hatchback roosting above where the marketing room used to be. Being the sensible person you are, you decide to investigate.

Inside BMHQ, the problem becomes obvious – there were so many orders on release day that the weight of all the shiny blackparcels caused the floor to partially cave in, destroying the structure and opening up an endless chasm into some kind of void below, out of which several fearsome, fire-breathing beasts crawled.

The Black Milk team are valiantly fighting off one of these monsters, but from the warehouse downstairs you can hear only terrifying roars and see only occasional bursts of flame rising from the darkness. That, you decide, is where you are needed most.

You descend the stairs into the warehouse, and find yourself at the tip of a vast mountain of shiny black parcels – the parcels that broke through the floor and opened the void! Beneath them, a gigantic dragon at least three times the size of any others you’ve seen has made a nest. All you can see is it’s gaping maw, lined with razor sharp teeth. One single thought crosses you mind:


You carefully, quietly turn to head back upstairs. But then, the unthinkable happens – you slip!

You find yourself tumbling endlessly down the mountain of shinyblack parcels, slipping and sliding toward the great, fire breathing beast below!

If you choose to bury yourself under the parcels to escape your fate, burying yourself deeper and deeper into the mountain of unshipped orders until all you can see is darkness, go to ending A.

If you desperately search the parcels around you for something – anything – to halt your swift descent toward inevitable doom, go to ending B.

If you leap fearlessly into the air, launching yourself toward the beast with a battle cry that shakes the very foundations of BMHQ, go to ending C.

If you close your eyes and loudly hum your favourite song to yourself in the vain hope that this is all an awful dream, go to ending D.

A: You wake up! That’s right, it was all a dream. While you were napping, you missed the postman with your gear! You fall to your knees and let out a Vader-style “NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Fade to black.

B: You discover Captain Cam’s favourite megaphone! Raising it above your head as you hurtle downward, you crank the volume up and let it wail. The beast screeches wildly – you have found its one weakness! Moaning pitifully, the creature slowly dissolves and melts through the concrete, its ethereal form and those of all its spawn descending back into the void from whence they came. With the beasts defeated, everyone at BMHQ returns! Parcels are packed and shipped, and everyone receives their gear as promised – you’re a hero!

C: You die.

D: The beast’s eyes widen, and suddenly it recognises you! You, its childhood friend from centuries ago. You, who used to sing this very song to lull it to sleep every night. The beast opens its arms wide and catches you – you are finally reunited with your long lost BFF. Everyone else might be dead, but you and the fire-breathing terror live happily ever after, taking selfies in the charred wreckage of BMHQ.

The End.

By now, your gear is a little closer to being in your hands! Thank you so much for being patient, because while there might not be dragons here at BMHQ our pile of orders right now definitely qualifies as a beast! But we promise we’ll get trough it as fast as we can, and you’ll have your order before you know it.

Big hugs.

p.s. When you get your stuff, don’t forget to post pics on Facebook!

p.p.s At the bottom of this email are all your deets – what you bought, who you are, and where your shiny nylon goodness is going. If anything looks hinky, you have two hours to reply to this email and our Mega Hotties will do their very best to put it right.

x jL

If you need to make any other changes to your order, just email us at as soon as possible.

Internet hugs from me.

p.s. When you get your stuff, don’t forget to post pics on Facebook!
Black Milk Clothing Pty Ltd.
ABN : 87 140 574 009PO BOX 2443,
Fortitude Valley BC
QLD, Australia 4006

When the suits arrived, they were packed with a letter (below), and the Harry Potter themed suit had a Hogwarts postcard.

It’s potentially a lot of work for an independent label, but creates a unique customer experience. What do you think? 

Black Milk letter