Bringing the Double Double to a Payment Option

What Canadian doesn’t have at least a little love for Tim’s? We might forgive the onslaught of new products–hot kettle chips! frozen lemonade! strawberry shortcake muffins!)…but how do we feel about a credit card on the menu at the drive thru?

Your classmate Yvonne pointed me to this, and she noted the buttons on the card that allow you to toggle between using the card as a Visa or a loyalty card… Has anyone gotten one of these yet? Is 1% cash back enough of a value proposition?

double double Tims card


3 thoughts on “Bringing the Double Double to a Payment Option

  1. Tina Zhang

    I agree with the comment in the article. The reward is a bit weak comparing to other credit cards such as the RBC Target RED credit card. That card gives you 5% off of every purchase at Target, and for other purchases, you will earn points that can be redeemed as a Target gift card. There are also other loyalty program related credit cards that give better benefits. In my opinion, this CIBC credit card provides so little incentive to people who owns two or more credit cards to go through the hassle of opening a new credit card account. Especially for those who are not tech-savvy, they might find the card very confusing to use. Even if they are interested in getting the card, that might scare them off.

  2. Nicole Seah

    I don’t have one, but my dad is adamant on getting one soon — for Tim lovers who are just going to buy food/drinks regardless or a card or not, why not rack up the extra points? In essence, the Loblaw’s PC financial card gives you 1% reward as well in the form of points, and it’s proven to be enough of an incentive for people to collect points as 1) they do add up, and 2) they’re going to buy groceries anyways! So not having the option to redeem anywhere else except @ Loblaws isn’t that detrimental. Has Tim’s jumped on the bandwagon for consumer data collection? — this way they’ll be able to track our personal consumption choices, frequency, seasonal purchases etc. etc.

  3. Tu Thanh Nguyen

    The Double Double Visa is a clever idea from both CIBC and Tim Hortons, but the execution is not very effective. The major flaw of the card is the 1% Tim cash back. So the cash back on the card can only be used to purchase at Tim Hortons’ restaurants. That limitation makes this card way less attractive than many other Cash Back cards from RBC, TD and other banks. This card is worst than CIBC Dividend Card (i,e, CIBC Cash Back visa card). This CIBC Dividend Card offers 1% cash back on all purchases and the card owner can use that cash back to pay for everything he wants, not just pay for coffee at Tim Hortons. And that card offers the same benefits as CIBC Double Double card. I own a RBC Cash Back card which offers the same benefits as CIBC Dividend Card, i.e. it is superior to the Double Double visa card. I think only people who are CIBC customers who do not have a cash back credit card and a Tim Hortons fan might consider this Double Double visa card.


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