Just One of the Many Ways Brands Can Screw Up Social Media

An interesting rant at how clueless brand promotions can be…


brand selfies


3 thoughts on “Just One of the Many Ways Brands Can Screw Up Social Media

  1. Tina Zhang

    In my opinion, it is a good thing that the brand is trying to interact with its potential customers. However, by doing a selfie and going through all those trouble just for a chance to be tagged by a celebrity on her selfie is not a big incentive. I assume this would demotivate a lot of men from doing that because this provides no value to them. A bag of trial product can tell them what the product tastes like, look like, smell like, and feel like. It can provide them the meaning about the brand, and even better, a bag of free snack. But a celebrity selfie can provide them nothing about the brand, and they cannot associate themselves with her or the brand.

  2. Alissa Liotti

    The nature of the ‘selfie’ in my opinion is to catch a moment with friends or alone that YOU want to remember and you just do not have enough time/desire to go find a photographer. By posing for the camera as Kelly Osborne did, I feel that the purpose and flare of the spontaneous ‘selfie’ trend was ruined. In fact, it seems that attempts like this signals a brand seeking a celebrity endorsement for less money…but when the brand is not aligned with the celebrity, the message remains blurred for consumers.

  3. howareumychingu

    While the fact that Wheat Thins decided to join the selfie trend a tad late into the game does not help their cause, this also does not necessarily mean that it would have been a flop as there are so many other factors that can lead to the success or demise of a campaign.

    Alluding to the points Tina and Alissa made about the lack of an appealing incentive and the potential misalignment in this co-branding initiative, it brings up the question, ‘can’t the brands tell that what they’re doing is ineffective and perhaps even building up negative brand equity?’ And perhaps, ‘are they that desperate?’ heh~ It seems that when brands are eager to latch onto the current hype, they see the momentum that has been built already and assume that the hype will automatically be associated with them as well. I would think that it would lead to brands thinking like the hare in the hare and tortoise’s race and subsequently becoming lazy in thinking that the trends will do much of the work for them and speak for itself.

    There is an article in WIRED titled “4 Kinds of Bad Advertising Millennials Have Killed Off” which may answer this question of how brands end up making such mistakes, where exactly the issue lies, and the brand associations that they may end up conveying as a result. I will simply list them here as I think that the article delivers its message best: trying too hard, being behind the times/offensive, not making an effort to develop a good understanding of the target audience, and mistaking the difference between connecting and engaging especially in this age of social media.

    The Article from WIRED: http://www.wired.com/2014/08/4-kinds-of-bad-advertising-millennials-have-killed-off/


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