The Ferrari of hairdryers?

Via your classmate Justin, a hairdryer with an engine designed by Ferrari.

My first intuition is one laden with gender stereotypes–do women (primary purchasers of hair dryers) care about Ferrari engine (and notice that word…the company doesn’t refer to the small appliance’s motor, just its engine).
ferrari hair dryer


One thought on “The Ferrari of hairdryers?

  1. Alissa Liotti

    This seems like a stretch…very similar to a Dora the Explorer toaster.
    On another site, this hairdryer was described as, “PROFESSIONAL VIEW: It’s light-weight and has a very small nozzle, so you get good, directed airflow and it makes it easy to smooth the hair. Ferrari has made the motor on this dryer and it’s powerful and quite hot. If you have fine hair, you probably wouldn’t need to use the hottest setting. My only real complaint is the lead. It’s about eight inches shorter than most of them, and you do notice the difference”. To me, this sounds like every other hairdryer that is already on the market for a fraction of the price. As a female, I also have a tendency of associating car manufacturers with workers covered in oil and grease in a one-piece jumpsuit – not exactly what I would like to look like after blowdrying my hair!


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