Hey, here’s something else about social media… (see what I did there?)

Here’s a new concept: the social brand ambassadors – those who tweet or post about TV or brands. More here:


Social brand ambassador tweets


3 thoughts on “Hey, here’s something else about social media… (see what I did there?)

  1. Nicole Seah

    Hmm, really interesting read! Definitely thought about what many data mining companies are doing to capitalize on the type of information that can be drawn from social media sites. I recently did a project on Intelliseek (marketing intelligence firm) for my High Tech marketing class, and it was really interesting to see the value firms put on this type of information that will help them better understand and engage with consumers to drive sales and equity

  2. sgamble92

    This is a really interesting concept. It is similar to the idea of identifying social influencers. I have used a program like Klout to do something like this in the past. It definitely makes sense, as people are much more likely (something like 70%) to purchase a brand or favour a brand based on a social mention or share.

  3. Alissa Liotti

    As a student without cable, I can openly admit to relying on social media forums for updates on my favourite TV shows. In fact, I follow certain people on Twitter in order to be monitoring live tweets about reality shows – it’s informative and usually quite entertaining! I, as well as others, are Twitter-loyal to certain users because we do value what they have to say and know that we can depend on them for regular updates. Therefore, it makes sense that a credible and reliable source would be able to stimulate more interest in brands. If a consumer is already monitoring their social media platform frequently, it would not be seen as an overly exhausting task to read a branded advertisement posted by their “Entertainment Tonight” guru. Similar to watching a TV show live with branded commercials, our Twitter feeds have “advertising” breaks which are almost expected by a TV watcher.


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