LeBrand James?

An interesting article on LeBron James, BRAND, and authenticity.


LeBron James


One thought on “LeBrand James?

  1. jeya8150

    I feel like Lebron James, although is a great player, wont be regarded as the best like Michael Jordan was because he left. Michael Jordan stayed with his team through the tough times, bringing his team to the playoffs every year. Lebron James left Cleveland, his home state, and his fans so that he could win a championships with an overpowered team at Miami. Yes, he is coming back home, and yes, he is trying to win a championship for Cleveland, but I truly believe that this is because Dwayne Wade cannot play like he used to. I think Lebron James switching teams like this is terrible for his brand because he is acting like a player who can’t win without the help of other all stars (Andrew Wigguns, and Kyrie Irving are on Cleveland and they expect Kevin Love to join the Cavs as well). I think Lebron lost a lot of his brand power when the Heat lost to the Spurs this year and I think he is going to lose a lot more brand power if the Cavaliers do bad this year. However this is from my perspective as a fan of the NBA.


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