Speaking of Fast Food…Burger King Shows Its Pride

proud whopper

Burger King celebrated Pride Week with a “Proud Whopper.” Does this feel like an authentic gesture?


Perhaps its an initiative BK’s young new CEO launched?

http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-07-24/burger-kings-ceo-daniel-schwartz-is-33-years-old#r=most popular




2 thoughts on “Speaking of Fast Food…Burger King Shows Its Pride

  1. Yvonne J

    I feel that this was an authentic gesture and a creative metaphor, but I also think that because of how young the CEO is played an influence on this push to support the gay community. I’m not saying that all young people support the gay community but, they are more open and realizing how accepting society is versus someone that may be a lot older and traditional (hence the BK video of older people disgusted and confused about the burger). In a way, I think what convinced me that this was authentic was that this pride whopper was only sold in one location in San Francisco. In my opinion I feel that if this was not authentic, BK would of been mass selling them at all locations. I find it creates creditability by focusing on one location to create awareness and be very upfront about being a proud supporter!

  2. Alissa Liotti

    I completely agree with Yvonne on this matter. I believe that BK’s efforts were genuine and that reaching a younger demographic via a younger CEO is viable for a brand. BK’s competitors, like McDonald’s for example, has very strong marketing efforts on a children’s menu and fun brand characters. However, a message regarding equality in today’s society is much stronger and more valuable lesson for children and teenagers to be taught. I am sure the BK (and any brand for that matter) understand that decisions can be seen as controversial but there is always a point where any publicity is good publicity.


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