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Tales of Symbolic Brand Elements and Lost Equity…

Via your classmate Matthew Picariello, two recent news stories about brands, identity and equity.

First, RadioShack, limping along:



Next, a brand loaded with symbolism, and a logo to match: the World Trade Center. 



You’ll Be Shedding Crocodile Tears


Fast Company reports that Crocs has begun a possibly fatal descent:

Be sure to check out the link to the company’s first revival effort in 2008, when it launched a series of new products made out of non-plastic materials. 

What do you think–have Crocs products run their course? Does the brand have too many negative associations?

New Under Armour Campaign Features Women Who Embody: “I Will What I Want.”

Move over, NIKE, with your dismissive “Just Do It” directive. Under Armour is upping its game in two unexpected ways: targeting women, and starting with a ballet dancer. Click through to see an inspirational ad.


“Personal Brands” and Authenticity

Via your classmate Daisy, an article from the Harvard Business Review about personal branding. While Shelley Lazarus doesn’t like the phrase “personal branding,” in this interview, she’s pointing to the importance of authentic, rather than superficial, efforts to “create a name for yourself.” (Note that in our class discussion, I was referring to a personal brand as a way of reflecting on your positioning, PoD, PoP, etc. rather than the more generic sense of “getting yourself a reputation.”)

I was thinking about some of the concerns that were discussed during the personal branding portion of our last class. While most people have something to say when it comes to how one can most effectively present themselves and we all generally have a good idea of do’s and don’ts, I thought that it may carry more weight, especially to those of us who may be interested in pursuing a career in marketing, to hear about it from the former CEO of a major advertising agency (Ogilvy & Mather), Shelly Lazarus. The first thing she says in the interview is, “I hate it when people talk about personal brand.” She offers us a hopeful message -I think we often worry too much heheh~ Have a read, all the best to each of you! 😀