Emotions, Authenticity and Branding

Reaction to a recent McDonald’s ad that seemed to promote the brand’s role in the communities in which it operates has produced some backlash.

What do you think; does this communication strengthen McDonald’s brand or feel in authentic?


Mcdonalds 911 sign


One thought on “Emotions, Authenticity and Branding

  1. jnetaylor

    I think this is pretty cool. McDonalds has recently been trying to seem more human and connecting with its people. The company has also recently launched their “pay with lovin” campaign where you can pay for your food by showing some sort of affection (taking a happy selfie, calling a loved one or giving a hug). McDonalds is such a huge corporation that it’s hard for them to connect with all their consumers on a personal level. I like what they are trying to do lately, it is no longer about the products but what McDonalds can do for its customers. I can understand some of this backlash on the disconnect between McDonalds and some of the signs however. A lot of the topics are tragic and I can understand that some people will be upset if they don’t believe this is genuine. At first when I saw just the pictures I was slightly uncomfortable and didn’t understand what McDonalds had to do with “Boston Strong”. But after I watched the commercial I changed my view. Them wishing locals happy birthdays or congratulations, as well as remembering some horrible events made me feel McDonalds was finally a personable brand.


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