Double Double on the Double in Dubai?


The Financial Post reports that Tim Horton’s new owners have huge aspirations for its Canadian acquisition. Daniel Schwartz, the new company’s young CEO is quoted as saying that he wants to spread the Timmy’s love across the land.

“It’s all about growth, and bringing Tim Hortons around the world. We are going to be working really hard to accelerate the pace of the Tim Hortons brand around the world, finding great partners and exciting places.”

What do you think? Is Tim Hortons relevant beyond its borders? Will going international change the brand’s current identity as a Canadian icon?


One thought on “Double Double on the Double in Dubai?

  1. David Scherpenzeel

    I highly doubt that Tim Hortons will have the same success in other countries that it does in Canada. When you look at the brand meaning behind the company, you will find that its main strength is the “Made in Canada” idea. When you consider the company and services, there is nothing truly special about the coffee shop. It sells good coffee with a variety of baked goods and sandwiches which you can find at any other coffee shop in any other country. Although the service is quick, many countries have quick service changes such as country style. Canadian’s have a love affair with the company, but when it comes right down to it, there is nothing there other than national pride. Therefore, what is going to be its competitive advantage in these other markets. The other consumers will not be attached to the national pride angle so they will need to find something new. The problem is that there is nothing otherwise unique about the company. I highly doubt they will be successful in other markets unless the residents have an attachment to Canadian life in some way.


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