Using Stock Photos To Promote a Film?


Apropos of our class discussion about authentic vs. stiff, posed images in promotional materials, promotion for Vince Vaughn’s latest movie includes a series of stock photos that copy–and thereby mock–the ubiquitous images. Best of all, they’re available, free, for download.



One thought on “Using Stock Photos To Promote a Film?

  1. jnetaylor

    I just saw this on Ad Week last night and thought it was absolutely brilliant. Stock photos are so staged and so awkward. They come off as cheesy and those who see them know that it’s all fake. I think that playing off that idea is not only hilarious, but it’s different. There are new movies coming out all the time and with that comes new movie promotions. It tends to be the same old TV spot ad, or trailer. This is completely different and new and in my opinion successful as it is already generating buzz around the movie. It does’t explain a whole lot about the movie but it makes me want to search further into what the movie is about.


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