Hey! Victoria’s Secret! It’s ON.


Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty has found an ideological sister (or, viewed more cynically, a copycat) in Lane Bryant’s #I’mNoAngel campaign.

According to HuffPost, Lane Bryant, a brand of plus-sized women’s wear, launched the campaign to take on traditional notions of what constitutes a sexy body.

But the women in the ad still flirt at the camera, posing in conventionally sexy positions while the voice-over features women purring coyly suggestive phrases (“want to see my girls?”) as they “redefine” sexy. So does this campaign start a conversation about women’s body image, or just provide new body sizes to be objectified? What do you think?



One thought on “Hey! Victoria’s Secret! It’s ON.

  1. theappreciationfactor

    I think the more we start using “real” women in our ads vs. those that don’t fit the average size 10 the better off we are. As a marketer, I love the spin they took w/ a slight jab to VS. All look comfortable and happy the size they are. Great post.


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