McDonalds Seems to Be Playing Ketchup.

Dairy Queen has a Blizzard? McDonalds will have McFlurry. Starbucks has lattes? McDonalds will make lattes. Chipotle lets customers build their meal? McDonalds will let customers build their own mains. Introducing Create Your Taste.


Now being tested in Australia, Singapore and select American markets, the new concept has customers using an interactive kiosk to select premium toppings for their quarter-pounders.

Unfortunately, creating individual burgers to order makes McDonalds a slower-fast food restaurant, with average wait times up to 7 minutes. The service will also not be rolled out to the drive thru window.

Will the Build-a-Bear concept transfer to the Build-a-Burger context? McDonalds seems to think it’s what Millennials want. So…are you lovin’ it?

build a bear


4 thoughts on “McDonalds Seems to Be Playing Ketchup.

  1. theappreciationfactor

    So enjoy your posts.
    It’s an interesting decision for the leader to be following others, vs. doing what’s kept it on top for so long. As a marketer, I wonder, if the intro of breakfast all day, and this “build your own ____ (since burger no longer “fits”) will take away from what customers have come to expect from McDonalds. It’s also a big step from what the Croc’s were after with brand and the initiation of what we know as QSR today. Time will tell I’m sure.
    Great post!

  2. Eric Gin

    I think the following is a good example of how companies today are continuing to move up market. However, In McDonald’s case I don’t think it’s the right move. When considering the company has built it’s reputation on fast service adding customization to the menu only makes cooking times slower. Furthermore, considering McDonalds is driven by operational excellence and well-versed processes, I could see this whole customization element really throwing a wrench into the engine driving these efficiencies. Restaurants would have to be revamped and processes remodelled. I don’t think McDonalds necessarily has the time to do this with Chipotle stealing more of their market share within the QSR industry.

  3. thivyasiva

    Playing “ketchup” isnt always a bad thing. McDonalds lets their competition try out certain ideas like the lattes and see if it customers are liking it. As we have learned this saves companies who follow a lot of money and advertising but the problem then occurs when customers develop a brand loyalty with the competition. Regardless, its not always a bad thing but in the case of making our own entree i think they have taken it too far. One of the reasons why McDonalds has been able to stay current despite the recent trend of health and clean eating is because of the fast food element they are still successfully delivering on. If they have a make your own sandwich option, it would take too long and be too disorganized. It works for Chipotle and their brand but not for McDonalds and they should quit while they are behind

  4. AmyOriental

    I think creating” individual burgers” are a perfect option to maximize customers demand. However, for a fast-food company targeting to tech-savvy: Gen Y or even Millennials, MacDonald may want to adopt more in-store self-service machines. But at the point of saving cost, phone apps or online orders (social media platforms) are supposed to be the main channels rather than lineup actually happens in store.


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